Monday, August 18, 2008

ok, this is just too funny

so, last night, i took the kids to my friends' 25th anniversary open house. we were sitting at a table, munching and chatting. well, the kids were very tired, and granted, i may have forgotten the "be on your best behaviour or we're leaving" conversation, but whatever. they know the rules. anyway...

let's just say, the kids weren't at their best. so, i said that if i had to speak to them one more time about their behaviour, we would leave. blithe was not impressed with that idea. (which is fine, i wasn't impressed by her behaviour, so whatever.) anyway, i said, with a smile on my face, "blithe, who's the boss in our family?" she answered, sullenly, "you are." "that's right," said i, "so what does that mean?" "we have to do what you say... but can't someone else be the boss for once? like bram or me? please?"

um, let me think.... no. but still, nice try, kiddo. lol


sue hiebert said...

i haven't heard that one yet - but i get asked often, why do always get to be the boss and i don't?

Anonymous said...

So typically Blithe . . .

but you worry far too much, Heather. The kids were awesome. My sister, Lori, is madly in love with them already.

Pam Hedden said...

The previous message was by Pam . . . but I wasn't signed in, I guess . . . LOL . . . time for bed . . .

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