Monday, August 31, 2009

and if you listen carefully, you'll hear annie weeping ;)

oh, my grandmother would be proud of me right now. i have not one but TWO loads of laundry drying outside right now (the other one isn't pictured because it's underwear, and i'm not really in the mood to publish our gitch for all the cyber-world to see LOL).
and ok, granted, i'm only drying the clothes this way because the dryer isn't working, but you know, right now, i'm not really in a hurry to figure out what's wrong. (partly because i think it's a blown fuse, and that's in the yucky basement, so it can stay blown for now.)
but still, none of this negates the fact that i currently, as i type, at this very moment, have 2 - count 'em, 2!! - loads of laundry hanging to dry outside. ah, simplicity. :)
oh, and asher gets his GJ-tube changed to a G-tube today, which is exciting. has nothing to do with my simple life, but i'm excited, so there you go! ;)
UPDATE: why must it take so long to dry clothes outside?!?! i still have at least 2 or 3 more loads to do, and i have nowhere to hang them until this stuff is dry!!!! ARRRRRGGG!!!!!!!!!!!


Mom said...

I'm proud of you and I'm only your mother, not your grandmother. :D


Steph said...

That's great Heather!

I love to dry our laundry outside (weather permitting). We have one of those laundry umbrella thingies (with parallel lines, not circular).

Laundry dried outdoors smells amazing - nothing like it. Dry your sheets outside too if you have space (just so you can smell them at bedtime - but not if you have seasonal allergies). Towels dried outside are nice and crunchy. 5 minutes in a dryer (one that works) will take care of the cruchies if you mind them.

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