Friday, May 30, 2008

blithe's art

this morning i was doing dishes while the kids (well, the older ones, anyway) were snacking on watermelon. blithe, of course, finished hers first (and most cleanly) and, since we've turned off the TV for the rest of the day, she pulled out her craft supplies and did "kindergarten stuff" (as bram called it. here's what she drew:

apparently, no one else knows how to do this. that's what she said. the back creature on the left is a dragon, breathing fire out of its nose. and the little blue person? that's princess blithe (see her pink crown?) and she's holding a "peanut butter nut" that she's going to give to prince bram. but she'll add him in another day.

then, she went upstairs and tidied up her desk, making it a nicely organized scrapbooking desk in her room. she put all her crayons and markers and stamps and stuff in the drawer, and you can actually see the top of the desk. she said it's like my desk, although those who know me know that you can only see little bits of my desk. :)

anyhoo, that's our simple morning. this afternoon we have respite for a couple hours, and the older kids and i are going to run some errands, including a little item i picked up on freecycle. i can't wait! :) ttys! h


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