Monday, November 8, 2010

mmm... mini chocolate bars...

hallowe'en. it's awesome. dressing up is fun. candy is awesome.

but chocolate...

sorry, had a mini stroke there, i'm sure.

in case you don't realize this, i love chocolate. dark, white, milk... love it, love it, love it.

this hallowe'en, the kids went trick-or-treating. and WOW!!! the loot!!!!!!!!!

sorry, had another stroke there.

the kids can keep the candy and kool-aid jammers and cheesies. they can even keep the tootsie rolls and smarties, even though i am aware that they are (technically) chocolate. but they're gross. i want the other ones. you know... the good ones.


reese peanut butter cups.

coffee crisp.

kit kat.


oh henry!

it's just. so. beautiful.

and there's just. so. much of it.

well, there was. by now, not so much. but um... don't tell the kids. they don't know how much i've mooched. it's just our little secret. {wink}


Dr Ted said...

I love dark smooth chocolate, it is what I imagine being kissed by an angel would be like, soft, sweet, breath-taking and eternal. Sigh! Something that for that moment makes time stand still and troubles evaporate. An escape from reality. But hey, that's just me.

Heather said...

wow, that's a brilliant description of the chocolate experience! :) the best piece of chocolate i have ever had was dark chocolate with chili and lime. truly, the most beautiful thing i have ever tasted. {blissful sigh}

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