Wednesday, November 10, 2010

my very long to-do list for tomorrow

which, technically, would be today, since it's 1:30 in the morning.

ah, sweet simplicity, why dost thou elude me so?

here we go:

  1. put away laundry
  2. wash bedding? (a mom can dream)
  3. go to bank
  4. go to another bank
  5. hand out resumes
  6. work out (for some sanity. and 'cause i want nice abs again. a girl can dream.)
  7. try to find the living room and playroom floors
  8. make phone calls for church
  9. fill out some forms
  10. find a letter that has gone missing
  11. work on a drama
  12. work on a novel (for NaNoWriMo)
somewhere in there, i suppose it would be nice to eat, but again, a girl can dream.

sad but true, this is my day tomorrow. good thing there's coffee. 


Anonymous said...

This post points out the benefits of meditation. It really can help you get thru the day. BTW, Arcadia was a region in ancient Greece where the people lived moderately and avoided all the trappings of the "in" crowd at Athens.

Heather said...

meditation is how this list came about. i was freaking out, then i laid down, breathed for a while, and gradually, the list happened. it put everything in order in my head into something manageable. and my timeline of "tomorrow" is flexible, since i don't have the kids again till thursday afternoon, and they're in school full-time, as well. i just like to give myself something to aim for.

Anonymous said...

I totally hear you. My list just gets longer and longer and with both girls now sick too, I don't see light. :( Need to sit and pray and read my bible, me thinks.
♥ h

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