Saturday, September 20, 2008

a bedtime story

tonight, blithe was overtired and a bit fussy at bedtime. so, i turned on her bedtime music, cuddled up with her and started to tell her favourite story, all about Princess Blithe and her puppy Mufu. she didn't want that story tonight, she wanted another one. here's the story i told her:

once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there lived a beautiful girl named Princess Heather. Princess Heather didn't want to be a princess, though. no, she wanted to be... a clown!

Princess Heather went to her mother, Queen Nana, and said, "Queen Nana, can i be a clown?"

"but Princess Heather," replied Queen Nana, "you are a clown!"

"no, Queen Nana, i mean a real clown!"

"but you are a real clown! look at your big red nose! honk honk!" well, they both laughed at this, because of course Princess Heather was not a real clown and did not have a red nose.

the next day, Princess Heather decided that the time had come for her to become a real clown. so she put on some enormous shoes and ran down the road to join the circus. she snuck in with the clowns. she put on a big rainbow wig, lots and lots of make-up, and of course, a big red nose... that honks! then she put on her silly costume, including a flower that squirts water!

Princess Heather the Clown had so much fun! she ran around playing and squirting people and dancing to the circus music and laughing the whole time! oh, what fun!

but at the end of the day, she was tired. she just wanted to crawl into her comfy bed and go to sleep. so she walked home, went to her room, and fell asleep. and she lived happily ever after.


Annie said...

totally love the bedtime story!

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