Thursday, September 4, 2008

yet another blog... yup, i'm obsessed... but only a little. lol

just so you know, i have started a new blog. it's called "homeschooling my kids" (the link will be on the sidebar later). it's about, you guessed it, homeschooling my kids. so i won't be posting too much about that subject here. check the new blog if you're interested in our schooling.

enjoy (once i post there, that is).


Why I Write Here

i like this blog. this is where i write about homelife. my kids, my pets, recipes, natural cleaning products, gardening, cool finds... that's what i write about here. this is the hands-on part of my personal journey. i'm reclaiming myself, a self i lost in a hospital somewhere, among all the meds, plastic, waste and complexity that comes with Special Needs parenting. i crave simplicity, and this is my journey to create it for my family and me.

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