Sunday, June 29, 2008

the garden this week

the weekly garden update. this week i'm showing off the peas, which were only planted a week ago, and we have 13 little sprouts. only one hasn't popped up. i'm assuming a bird or sqirrel got to it.

then the squashes. look at them! the pumpkin is the one with enormous leaves. i moved the butternut squash to the front corner; it will get more sunlight there. but the squirrels seem to like that corner, too, so we'll see what happens there. but the good news about the squashes: the zukes are already starting to grow, i must have 10 already, though they're still in the very early stages. and the pumpkin and acorn have the beginnings of flowers on them.

next up: cucumbers, which are doing wonderfully. especially the middle one. it's huge, so we've moved it so it will climb up the fence instead of over the peas. three of the plants now have flowers, and there are several cukes in the making. ooh, i'm so excited!

then there's the tomato plant - huge!!! one of the branches actually broke off this week, because it was so long and heavy from the leaves. but, if you'll notice in the pic, there's a tomato now! actually, there's 2, but i only shot one.

at the bottom here, you'll see the full garden, in all its glory. i'm proud (and yes, i know i need to do some weeding this week. probably wednesday).

so there you have it. lots of progress this week. woohoo! :)

but one quick thing: it seems i have a problem with earwigs. they really like my dill, and they've gotten into the basil and oregano. if you have any solutions, please let me know. thanks! :)


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