Sunday, June 8, 2008

i give you... the power of Baking Soda!!

this table has been outside for a few years now. that's right, years. ok, well, we put it in the shed for the winter, but i think it came outside in late april, just like every year. anyway, you can imagine, it was pretty dirty. like, i thought the tabletop was actually taupe. ok, not really, but i'd forgotten just how white it used to be.

anyway, as you may or may not have noticed (and if you haven't, have you really been paying attention to what i write here? lol), i have been trying to choose cleaning products that are healthier for the earth and my family. but in this day and age, there are so many conflicting things, and so many products that claim to be green. but what to use?

well, back in the day, and i mean way back in the day, they didn't have all these chemicals and products. not even the "green" ones. but they did have a couple things...

  1. vinegar
  2. baking soda

seriously, you can clean your whole house with these two products. and throw in some (regular or rain) water and some real soap, and there you have it, folks, a healthy, clean, green home. you doubt?

remember the table i mentioned? here it is now! check it out, my friends! it's white again! and there you have it. baking soda, for all your outdoor cleaning needs.

may your day be cool (if only in your mind), may your home be clean, and may you have power in the storm (again, not necessarily speaking metaphorically here, but you could read it that way, if you like. but right now we're under a severe thunderstorm warning and tornado watch. good thing hub had the forsight to charge the solar generator overnight - using hydro, but ah well, at least it's charged and ready for use, but i digress.)


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