Friday, June 6, 2008

haha! i'm such a loser!

remember the other day i said i was going to make annie's granola bars? yeah, didn't happen. apparently, i should read the list of ingredients before deciding to bake stuff. oh, i am soooo not a baker...type...person. lol

but, i am slowly but surely accumulating ingredients (i now have flour and sugar in my house! lol), so one of these days, once i have rice crispies and coconut (i have a coconut, but i don't think that really counts, although... holy cow! i just realized! i could grate the coconut! why did this never occur to me before?! stop laughing, annie - lol), i will actually for real make the granola bars. but seriously, i'm going to make jam tomorrow in my crockpot. oh, yeah, i should probably get some pectin. hmm. where do you get that? i realize a store would have it, but which store, and where in that store, and how much would it cost, and could i do this without it? really, if you have these answers, please comment. because i honestly don't know.

are you getting yet just how non-baker-girl i am? lol


Why I Write Here

i like this blog. this is where i write about homelife. my kids, my pets, recipes, natural cleaning products, gardening, cool finds... that's what i write about here. this is the hands-on part of my personal journey. i'm reclaiming myself, a self i lost in a hospital somewhere, among all the meds, plastic, waste and complexity that comes with Special Needs parenting. i crave simplicity, and this is my journey to create it for my family and me.

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