Sunday, June 15, 2008

holy beefsteak, batman! check out that tomato plant!

as above. the big one is my plant, and in the bottom left, you see 2 of blithe's seeds.

new today: a row of green peppers! just as i'd given up hope! sheesh! :)

my herbs, including a few newbies. the full list is below.

this would be the pumpkin plant, i believe.

and the garlic - 10 plants!

ok, so i learned something new this week about the garlic. apparently, if i had planted them in the fall, they would be garlic. but... since i only planted them in the spring, they will be onions this year. but if i leave them in the ground, or re-plant in the fall, i'll have garlic next year. but, lesson learned. and in the fall, you can bet i'll be planting a ton of garlic! i mean, seriously! look how much it loves my soil!!!

and seriously, i had about given up on the green peppers. a whole row, wasted. or so i thought! imagine my surprise this afternoon when i spied all those little delights! honestly, they weren't there this morning. how exciting!

and let's see, what else... my squashes are all doing very well. the zucchini and pumpkin especially. i think i'll be planting quite a bit of squash-type things next year, since they seem to do well. and the tomatoes! even the ones from seed are doing well! how thrilling!

and i promised a full list of my herbs. so, as per the pic above, clockwise from left:
  1. oregano (in the blue tin)
  2. marjoram
  3. lavendar
  4. rosemary
  5. cilantro
  6. dill
  7. basil

so, there you go. my garden this week. check back next week and see what's growing! toodles! ;)


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